TalyasTouch Design Studio

TalyasTouch is a graphic design studio, specializing in personalized art & design.

My specialty is in mixing traditional media such as watercolors and papercuts with digital finishing and refinement, to create a piece of art or printed material you are proud to display, happy to use and is everything you were hoping for.

You are invited to look around at the various things I do – graphic design, art, branding and illustration – and see what you like best. I’d love to hear feedback.

…so what is left-handed design? Our brains have left- and right-hemispheres, which control the opposite sides of our bodies. Left handed people think a little differently than right handed people, tend to solve problems differently, and since we are a small proportion of the population we are generally regarded as creative, although I personally believe we are all creative.


One thought on “TalyasTouch Design Studio

  1. Dear Talya,

    My name is Hillel Glueck – Artist

    Rena Bennitt was the one who referred you to me, in regarding me seeking out for ways how to promote my artworks, which can be viewed under the following links:


    Now I was told in terms of my general accomplished artworks thus the right thing would be to work directly with interior designers; those who are regularly engaged providing their service in designing one’s home, than just reaching out for individuals to purchase my unique items… Hence, being I was told that you have in as well in common with interior design… that led me to this very movement from my side to contact you, seeking out for your recommendation or just a worthy piece of advice in terms of succeeding in promoting my items [if you personaly do not do in interior design, then who else you know does, and to whom to go?]

    I have included above the link to my Judica shop, whether there is anything you can advise me on that too.

    Wishing you all the very best!


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