One for All

In the community where I live there is a Bar-Mitzvah / Bat-Mitzvah program, that takes the 12-13 year olds through various assignments and activities, preparing them to be, according to Jewish custom, adults.
This year’s group were given an environmental project – to renew the color on the animal statues in one of the parks, and decorate the low wall that greets whoever approaches the park and cafe there.

I was asked to help with the design and implementation of the wall. I sat with the parent’s representative, and we came up with three topics that were presented to the kids for them to choose from.
The topic they chose was togetherness – social responsibility.

I took the measurements of the wall, and created a design that would be easy to understand and not too difficult for the kids to carry out.




The writing says, “One for all, all for one”, and the rainbow colors represent the differences between people.

I divided the design into squares to make it easy to transfer to the wall. I also created stencils for all the letters we would need, and a stencil of the community’s logo.




A date was set, and we gathered together. I explained the design and how it connected to their chosen topic. I laid out the stages of the work to the children, and we set to:

First, we divided the wall into 25x25cm squares. Every pair of children received responsibility for a specific column of squares to transfer the design to the wall using chalks.



Once the design was laid out on the wall, the children were assigned different colors to fill out according to the design. Other children took paint and renewed the colors on the cement turtle, alligator, snail and ladybug in the nearby grass park.

After all the spaces were colored, it was time to add the texts and the logo. This was more delicate work, but they did it beautifully! Their shirts and faces also got slightly decorated along the way, but that’s just an occupational hazard, isn’t it?


For a final touch, some of the rocks near the base of the wall were decorated as well.Well done, Bar/Bat Mitzvah group of 5776!



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