Do You Tatsu?

A few weeks ago there was a gaming and fantasy conference in Tel-Aviv, and my daughter Paz (14) begged us to go to it.

I had never been to one of these before, but it sounded like fun, and I like fantasy – and games – so we said ok.

As we were walking towards the place, we could already identify the people who were headed there – some were n costume, many had fantasy wigs or makeup. It was rather cool.img_1272

We didn’t go for any of the lectures this time (next year might be different), but just took a stroll around all the stalls. There were all kinds of things available – from hand-painted Pokemon mugs to homemade duct-taped swords and hatchets (seeing people walking around with a larger-than-life hatchet poking out of their backpack – awesome. There was even a tent where you could pay per hour to play board games you don’t own with people you’ve ever met. Definitely next time.

One of the stalls was  board game stall, and the guy was explaining the rules of a game I had never seen before – Tatsu. It is a game for 2 players by award-winning Gen42, and has a board that looked interesting, so we listened. The first thing that caught my attention was that the two players move around the board in opposite directions, which is unusual. We listened further, and ended up deciding to buy the game for our family. As he was putting the game in the bag for us, I realized I knew the man. I had a meeting with him regarding a different game several years back. I reintroduced myself, and he told us that since the game was SO new in the country the Hebrew rules weren’t yet ready, and would we like him to mail them to us once they are printed? I didn’t think we needed them, but my sweet husband said Yes, certainly. So the salesman put one of their business cards into the bag as well, and told us to email him with our address.


We thoroughly enjoyed the other stalls as well, the kids got themselves a few different things (and saw very clearly how very many people of all kinds of ages were into the things they themselves are into, which is another kind of cool). We had more plans for the rest of the day, so it was very late when I finally had a moment to myself that night.

I took the business card out of the bag, and on the spur of the moment wrote the man an email saying if they really don’t have a translation of the rules yet, I’d be more than happy to write it for them.

The next morning, I played the game with Eilon (10), and found it to be every bit as interesting, easy to understand and deep as we had understood from the demonstration. Good game, get yourselves a copy.

The day after our trip, I got an email back saying there was a preliminary translation, but the person who had done it had clearly not played the game, and would I be willing to go over and edit it?
Of course! Yay!

Go check it out: Tatsu Game by Gen42

So where am I now?
I fixed the translation of Tatsu, and was asked to design the Hebrew rule page, and am now working on the translation of yet another game by Gen42 called Hive. Got a copy of the game to play with (more yay!), and I *love* doing this.

Hive, btw, is also a good game – lots of unusual thinking, and it even has extension packs. Check it out as well, way cool: The Hive Game by Gen42


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